Friday, June 22

Fuck Ken Griffey Jr.

The city is all in a warm happy nostalgic and APPARENTLY FORGETFUL mood, with "The Kid" returning today for the first time in a decade.

SPOILED FATTYWell, fuck this mass amnesia and post-facto hero worship. Does nobody else remember his constant whining about everything when he was a Mariner?? How big a baby he was, a constant pain in the fucking ass? Remember how badly he trashed the gorgeous new stadium, a fan improvement in every single way, because he thought it might be slightly less favorable for him to hit in (among other things)? His sniveling like a spoiled 12yo girl when he became consumed with jealousy because of the quantity of fan-made banners rooting for him vs A-Rod? And most importantly, remember how mightily he fucked us raw, on his way out of town, by destroying all our negotiating leverage during the trade talks? Does nobody else remember??? I REMEMBER!!

It was good fucking riddance at the time, and history since then has born that out, with his neverending string of injuries (lol @ Cincy). Now that he's dragging his enormous Winnebago of an ass back into town, we're supposed to give him a hero's welcome? I could see the case for a politely constrained let-bygones-be-bygones golfclap -- this is Seattle after all, and absurd levels of politeness are pretty much in the city charter -- but COME ON. In fact,


UPDATE (10:30 AM): "I haven't been back, not once," Griffey tells Cincy's McCoy. "No desire. And why does everybody want me to talk about Seattle? What's the big deal?" Stay classy, Ken.

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Crispin said...

Like I said in chat: Have fun with his ass. We're tired of his shit in Cincy too. Make sure you build him a dome made of teddy bears and bubble wrap so he gets to play at least one month of the season.

spanky said...

No shit, man! The rub on him in Seattle was that he was either undisciplined or lazy, and wouldn't train in the gym and weight room like the other guys. He could get away with it, especially when he was young, because he had so much raw natural talent. But then, of course, his body began to break down in his 30's...

The crazy thing about this is that he still has nearly 600 homers, and seems like he's wasted half his career. Couldn'ta happened to a nicer guy.