Thursday, June 7

A Challenge from the Guinness Record Book!

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unfortunate screenshot

I wonder how long they wait, to certify these records? How would you measure the years-later radiation deaths of, say, a suitcase nuke set off at Disneyland? After all, on 9/11 we knew right away that OBL deserved to joystick his initials in up at the top, but it took us quite a few more weeks to calculate what his exact High Score would be.

In the past, we could reliably count mangled corpses, but not anymore -- for the rest of that September in New York, how many vaporized office workers were inhaled, ingested, and shat into the sewage by their former fellow Manhattanites? The final tally took weeks, and who knows how long it'll be next time?

Thank God we don't have to count all of the stupid pets that starve to death!

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