Thursday, July 26

The Sports Guy gets his ultimate story

Most people I know have looooong since stopped reading The Sports Guy. But. How could he not be the place to turn in light of the the NBA ref scandal? Forget the Red Sox and their World Series; this is arguably what he was born for, to be on earth with a podium at this precise moment.

"When news of the scandal broke on Friday, as J.A. Adande pointed out in his column on that day, every diehard NBA fan had the same reaction. They weren't thinking, 'I can't believe it!' or 'Oh my God, how could this happen?' They were thinking, 'Which one was it?'"

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CJ said...

A good friend of mine, who sometimes visits this site, thinks the scandal will lower the NBA's popularity and the MLS will become popular instead.

My friend is delusional.

Anonymous said...

NBA has far to fall to be surpassed by MLS. But signing famous, past-their-prime stars to mega contracts would do nothing but help the MLS. Increase the quality of play with gifted players from South America, and MLS may, just may, become a second tier league. Always always always behind the Premiership (England), Serie A (Italy), or La Liga (Spain).

spanky said...

Out of curiosity, why "always always always"? What if we (America -- FUCK YEAH!) one day suddenly up and decide to own the fuck out of everyone at soccer while still not giving a shit, like we did with the national sport of our igloo-dwelling northern neighbors (sorry: neighbours)?

If your argument is that our superior genetic stock has yielded an insufficient quantity of whiny injury-faking 130lb metrosexuals, I am inclined to agree. But as you pointed out, we can always import them from the brown places. Just as the sun did eventually set on the British Empire, I suspect that American soccer will one day be capable of the same quality of thrilling 0-0 ties as those from Europe.