Wednesday, October 24

Los Angeles is Burning

Your favorite band, of course, sucks. I have a t-shirt that says so, if you need proof.

My favorite band, on the other hand, is comprised of brilliant poet-philosopher visionaries who foresaw the destructive fire-nados currently razing Commiefornia:

When the hills of Los Angeles are burning,
palm trees are candles in the murder wind.

So many lives are on the breeze,
even the stars are ill at ease;

and Los Angeles is buurrrrrrning!

LA feels the burn
(to Bad Religion's morbidly upbeat punk melodies)

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spanky said...

Included in the song, by the way, is a sentiment regarding LA that arguably transcends disaster conditions: "More a question than a curse: how can hell be any worse??" (+5, Insightful)

Also big-ups to my homey Ezra, who gave me the aforementioned t-shirt as a much-enjoyed birthday gift.

Crispin said...

By that definition then, does that shirt make you objectively better than Ezra?

spanky said...

You magnificent bastard, how dare you actually make me laugh at such a corny and overused pun. Fucker!

(The answer to your question is yes.)

Anonymous said...
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