Thursday, November 8

Dominic Monaghan is SINGLE

Having broken up with girlfriend Kate (according to WWTDD - which is never wrong) he's been crying and drinking in a night spot in LA, half an ocean away from where he used to work filming Lost. And we all know what it means when a cute little man drinks and cries don't we? SPLITSVILLE! Go get 'im boys. He needs another hobbit hole to keep him occupied.

The rest of us will softly sigh, "Thank god."

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spanky said...


Which hot celebrity whore should I cause to dump her boyfriend next week?

Ezra said...

Keep your dick in your pants (and your hands out of them!) and check your ego at the door.

You're not that guy, Spanky. You never were.

spanky said...

Unless she's sleeping! BAAAHHH!!!