Saturday, November 24

Make your rivalry clever, or kindly STFU

When obnoxious sports fans get rolling with "my [regional sports rivalry] is more intensely epic, and of greater world-historical import, than your [regional sports rivalry]," the Bible pretty clearly says that it's OK to hate them -- and possibly stone them to death, if my reading is correct (it is). Not sure? Go have a chat with one of the paradoxically arrogant crybabies from Red Sox Nation, and God's reasoning on this will be apparent right away. Any recent Bill Simmons column will also do the trick.

But as sick to fucking death as I am of Michigan vs Ohio State, U-Dub vs Wazzou, and various other boring rivalries that don't involve me, I applaud the Jayhawkers for bringing the funny:

Did John Brown just hear you say 'nigger'?

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Ezra said...

Add to the list of stupid Rivalries the Inane and Pointless Competitions spanky had with his Brother.

He was Faster . . . and had a Better Arm . . . and was more Fashionable.

At least spanky knew ALL the ways to get to First Base.