Saturday, December 29

They did It.

Ezra congratulates the New England Patriots. With this final Result, they have cemented their Legacy as the best Team in the NFL in 2007. They've done it with Focus, Execution, Panache, and a killer sense of Fashion (see right)

However, there is an omnipresent Sentiment suggesting that this season ought to be considered a failure if they do not Win the Super Bowl. Ezra wonders how this can be true (or, in the parlance of our Times, WTF?!?). Such is the thinking of eight year olds. For if the Patriots fall at the feet of the Indianapolis Colts, or the Dallas Cowboys (both of which are quality Teams), there is no loss of Honor. Anything can happen in a single game (or a short series), and such a fluke result does not tarnish the Accomplishment of going Sixteen and Oh. To think otherwise is Clownshoes, and borderline Communist.

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