Monday, January 28

Flick Recommendation - The Nines

Sometimes movies fall through the cracks in Hollywood. Usually it's because the movie simply isn't very good. This isn't one of those cases. The Nines is a good little film. Directly after viewing it struck me as not quite ambitious enough to blow me away like other "Your world is not what you think it is" movies. But because I like to play with strange theories about reality, little parts of The Nines keep replaying in my head.

It's worth at least a rent if you like it when movies mess with your head. Also Ryan Reynolds is his usual charismatic self. I'm going to throw out some observations (spoilers) in the comments.

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spanky said...

Without reading your spoilers, I had this on my short list of movies-to-downl^H^H^H^H^Hrent and watch. It's after Primer in my queue, another brainy brainy nerd movie you two goddamn brainiacs keep bugging me to watch.

And I would like to add, in a totally heterosexual way, that Ryan Reynolds is sexy.

Crispin said...

OK, so how about the different levels Gary/Gavin/Gabriel played in each part? First he's an actor in a cheesy TV show (participant in a fictional creation.) Second he's a TV writer being followed by a reality TV crew (creator of a fictional creation who also participates in a non-fictional creation.) Third he's apparently a character in the TV show from the second part come to life (fictional creation has become reality and he is still a participant.)

Note Reynolds' appearance through each segment too. He goes from slightly fakey looking (bleached hair, works out) to bookwormish (thick rimmed glasses but natural hair color) to looking downright Christ-like with the beard and ordinary clothes.

Is Hope Davis' character an analog of Satan as Ryan Reynolds' is of God? Since her names are Sarah/Susan/Sierra I think it's a good bet. Bonus evidence: Margaret/Melissa/Mary is Mary Magdalene.

And how does Reynolds stay so ripped?

Crispin said...

Doh, I totally forgot that the third incarnation is a video game designer, which again parallels the creator motif. Especially since his game is described as a MMORPG beyond Everquest in its complexity.

spanky said...

I just watched, and really enjoyed, The Nines. Thanks for the heads-up. SPOILERAMA FOLLOWS

I generally agree with your analysis of the progression, though I'd quibble with taking the Jesus parallel too literally. I think Sierra(etc) and Mary(etc) may have represented temptation and friendship, respectively, and their names bear some semblance to the Biblical characters that represented those things for big J. But I think it was more of an oblique metaphor than a direct analog. The physical transformation is more convincingly a reflection of G's progression from full immersion in the fantasy world (rich blonde actor, ultra-idealized body image) to conflicted quasi-immersion (both a reality show participant AND creator-of-worlds, simultaneously) to fulltime world creator (nerdish video game creator). His increasingly less-affected appearance mirrors his gradual acceptance of the truth, helped along by the interventionary tactics of the other Nines.

But I think you're probably right that the names of the ladies is no coincidence.

My favorite throwaway idea was of the koalas as 8s ("they're telepathic... and control the weather"). And even if it did require a ridiculously elaborate set-up, the line about "pumped before I came" and Van Wilder-esque eyebrow raise made me laugh.