Thursday, January 31

"We have to go back, Kate!"

Lost is back tonight for its fourth season, and you know what that means around here: more Kate-worship!

I know what you're thinking: "I love Evangeline Lilly, like, sooooo much, spanky. How can I worship her every day on my iGoogle homepage?" I know, right?! Well thanks to oony over at our retarded kid sister site, you're in luck. Behold: "Kate!"

Not excited yet? "Hiring Jeremy Davies as a bad guy is the greatest decision in the history of TV," Crispin recently told me, continuing, "I hate the guy with a punch-in-the-face intensity." Check out Davies in this incredibly dickish interview to see why.

But enough with the h8; let's get back to the love for omg Lost OMG!

"What is the secret of the island? Maybe it is in my panties?"

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Anonymous said...

But what about the hot chick on the show - Claire?