Monday, March 31

For your own good, eat the Halcyon

Lo . . .
Though the Past was Dark;
Though your Hearts grew Weary;
Though your Toils were Great;

Yea, I sayest unto you:
Hope has arrived.
Serenity is here.
Happiness washes across the Land.

The Most Holy of Spring Holies,
Ver Sanctus Sanctorum,
Verily, the Halcyon has returned!

Opening Day has Arrived!

"There is no sports event like Opening Day of baseball, the sense of beating back the forces of darkness and the National Football League." - George Vecsey

Fuck you, Derek Jeter.

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Ezra said...

Another quote that I like, but didn't make it into the post:

"It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you alone to face the fall alone." - A. Bartlett Giamatti

Ezra said...

Here's hoping spanky is able to rekindle his long lost childhood love for the Noble Sport of Baseball.

I mean, it's not like he's too busy. Get a job, sir!