Friday, April 4

Perspective, Anyone?

It is difficult to take "fans" seriously when they complain about players' salaries. Such complaints illustrate the sources' inherent, unconscious selfish jealousy. The "Stop Bitching" post is forthcoming. (Suffice it to say that many people get paid handsomely for work of little to no import.) In the meantime, though, I ran across these two headlines from the beginning of March:

Brewer's renew Fielder's contract, and slugger 'not happy about it at all'


Hamels: Phillies contract is "low blow"

I will defend the rights of the worker to make as much money as management will give him or her. But at some point these players need to understand the relative importance of their jobs. Think about the objective
ly important jobs: the doctors who make advancements in curing diseases; the engineer that designs skyscrapers; the guy that maps out a plane's flight path. These people make a difference. They lead big lives. They refuse to be intimidated by the tremendous odds of failure they face. They only concern themselves with peers and company that apply to their goals to noble causes.

Prince Fielder and Cole Hamels? They play baseball. Fielder was signed to a $670,000 contract, while Hamels is slated to make a $500,000. And if they continue to produce? They'll see a 10 to 20-fold increase in their pay. (See Howard, Ryan) Just so you can't accuse Ezra of leaving you without a frame of reference (God forbid you should be like a child who wanders into a conversation), Internal Medicine docs earn $160k, Engineers earn $66k, Control Tower dudes earn $110k. (source) The contribution to the greater good that these noble men and women make compared to baseball players is as Mt. Rainier is to a pimple on my teen-aged brother-in-law's face. For Fielder and Hamels to publicly complain about their supposed yeoman's wage illustrates just how out of touch with reality these two are.

There is an ungodly amount of money in Sports. And it will be distributed in some fashion or another. But as the common man ought not to begrudge a player for making his mutually agreed upon wage, so too ought the player to SHUT THE FUCK UP when opining about some supposed contractual disrespect. A little humility would be much appreciated.

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