Monday, July 28

Because it's not possible to un-see something

The line outside of Comic-Con really needs one of those Disneyland-style markers: if your belly extends past HERE then you are not allowed to be wearing a superhero costume. Or tights. Either change your outfit, or go home and cry about the mean policy to your pet turtle and/or iguana.

You're a nerd who just wants to dress up and have some fun? Also, you're fat? Fair enough. You can dress up as Jabba, or maybe the John Candy character from Spaceballs:

See? Nobody gets hurt, and a good time is had by all. But dear God, fat Batman, there are children present!

Someone needs to lay off the Cheetos and hit the BatElliptical

And this is all CC: opening night of big scifi/comic movies. I'm looking in your general direction, Tron guy.

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spanky said...

Just to be fair, here's another take.