Wednesday, July 2

Summer LULZ

My colleague deserves all of the shit he gets for being such a giant soccer homo. With that said, it is also true that I like tennis, which is hardly the manliest of sports:

Hat tip: fellow tennis buddy Subcom (pictured, right)

In summer movie news, I have perilously high expectations for both Dark Knight and the new Coen Bros movie, Burn After Reading. These movies could both reverse time and undo the holocaust, and I'd probably still be disappointed with them. For now, though, the anticipation has me wetting myself. I've seen this red-band trailer for Burn After Reading a dozen times, and it still makes me giggle:

Finally, the Between the Tubes recommended links (in the sidebar to the right) have been updated for your time-wasting pleasure. Enjoy, you magnificent bastards.

2 comments [add yours!]:

Ezra said...

Hardly the manliest of sports? Au contraire, mon frere.

Say what you want about the qualities of soccer, at least it's a Sport.

Tennis, however, is not a Sport. It fails Rules 1 and 4. That spanky has made such a gross transgression speaks volumes to the depths he has fallen.

spanky said...

Laaaaaame. You helped to refine the original rules; you know better, of course. I know you're kind of new to this whole genre of Intarwebs, so here's some free advice: a good troll knows that he has to retain his credibility in order to be effective.

What's more, a specious appeal to the Rules for disqualifying a sport just because you don't like it undermines the Rules themselves. That's in nobody's best interests. For shame, sir.