Wednesday, August 6

Olympic Games - not Sports

The Olympic Games start in 2 days. Huzzah or shrug? I, for one, look forward to the Olympic Games. I like to pride myself on my level-headed appreciation of the US's place within the world, but international contests like the Olympics allow my jingoistic, nationalistic, xenophobic nature to assume it's rightful place. Badminton? Track & Field? Field Hockey? I normally wouldn't give a rat's ass for them. But placed in the context of the Olympics? Why, good sir, may we drop kick all the other nations in the face and wipe the proverbial floor with them. What do you all think?

It is fitting that this international orgy of athletics is called the Olympic Games. Note that it's not referred as the Olympic Sports. And for good reason. Of the 38 activities, only 5 are bona fide Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, and Water Polo). After 4 beers and a good squint, a few more can reasonably make a case for being Sports (Beach Volleyball, Field Hockey, and Softball).

And there are always the women. It looks to be a banner year for the hot Olympian.

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spanky said...

So by "squint" do you mean "pretend that Rule #4 doesn't exist"? Because that's the only way to qualify softball, field hockey, competitive tampon dripping, etc.

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