Sunday, September 28

The Beginning of the End

It's rather unfortunate that the apex of the Baseball season coincides with the advent of the Football season. Alas, as unfortunate as it may be, it is as the gods have willed, and who am I to counter what the gods have dictated. Lost in the fanfare for the NFL, though, are two great playoff races that are coming down to the wire. Consider:

AL Central
Twins 87 74 -
Chisox 86 74 0.5

On this, the supposedly final day of the season, Baseball has the chance to be extended all the way until Tuesday. If either the White Sox win or the Twinkies lose, that will force Chicago to make up a postponed game against the Tigers on Monday. Then, there's the spectre of a 1 game playoff between Minnesota and Chicago on Tuesday. Only then will the Rays (the feel good team of the year) know who they'll be playing.

The Mets and Brewers are also playing for a spot, that could be determined by a 1 game playoff. But this is for the Wild Card, so it's only worth mentioning.

It might not be the 1993 NL West, but this certainly is an exciting day of Baseball.

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spanky said...

It's too bad that Seattle didn't have a baseball team this year. But I am consoled by one glorious fact: no motherfuckin' Yankees in the playoffs!