Tuesday, October 7

No John!

Watching the Presidential "debate" tonight showed a glaring weakness in John McCain. The guy is flat out not funny. I recall at least 3 "jokes" or "quips" or "witticisms" that were intended to be "funny."

Reminded me of high school. To wit, reminded me of me in high school.

Speaking of high school, would that this reminded me of high school.
But it doesn't, so I'm reduced to vicariously living the Dillon experience.

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spanky said...

Mmmmm Lyla haulghlaugalhga....


Lyla (FNL) > Claire (Heroes)

Anonymous said...

You forgot that one truly hilarious line about Greenspan and Weekend At Bernie's that he used to like to trot out every 3 minutes or so.

Pure gold.

Crispin said...

I still think Tyra is the hottest girl on the show and might I mention, she's an Ohio girl. So they do grow them right out here every now and then.

Also Aimee Teegarden turns 19 in two days. How 'bout that.

spanky said...

Certainly this is something upon which reasonable people can disagree -- unlike a certain Anonymous someone's unreasonable lust for Lost's Claire over Kate. I'm not a big fan of Tyra's recent short haircuts, but season 1 Tyra certainly gave Lyla a run for her money. Or my money. If ya namsayin.

I've never been the #1 fan of CoachDaughter, but there was a scene in season 2 that was mesmerizing. She was lying sideways on her bed and I swear to God, it looked like she was going to get suffocated by the splash damage from her own enormous boobs.


Ezra said...

Layla was the hook that stirred my interest in FNL. Dear God! want to touch that heiny. Then she found Jesus and started wearing more clothes.

But Tyra, ooh, Tyra. Like her. Even with the short haircut.

Never been a fan of Coach's daughter. But . . .

Smash's girl in season 2, Noelle, mighty fine if I do say so myself. Mighty fine. If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest checking her out.