Friday, November 7

Right where we want them.

Throughout Ezra's far-traveled life, he's heard a statement common to all underdogs. The three most recent times I've heard this are:

A. Olympic Basketball gold medal game, late in the 4th quarter with US leading Spain by about 10 points: "Spain has the US right where they want them."

B. Boston Red Sox down 3 game to 1 against the Tampa Bay Rays: "We [BoSox] have them [Rays] right where we want them." (I think this is attributed to Pedroia, but maybe Ortiz.)

C. McCain during the final weekend of the campaign, when all the polls have him losing to Obama: "We've got the Obama campaign right where we want them. We'll prove those polls wrong!"

As Spain, the Red Sox, and McCain offered the flaming pile of poo and, um, LOST, I wonder why, if you want to win, would you be happy losing late it the game? No, the entire statement is a fallacy, designed to inspire false hope. I bet the English commanders told the infantry that they had the Germans right where they wanted them before sending the lads over the wall into No Man's Land.

Where do I want my enemy? I want him far, far behind, with no chance of overtaking me. Contrary to Spain, Boston, McCain's stated position, it was the US/Rays/Obama who had their opponents over the proverbial barrel.

We've got them right where we want them!

[Ezra shakes head]

What a bunch of horseshit.

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