Friday, December 4

Semi-annual World Cup Post

On the off-chance that you've been hiding under a rock all day (or generally oblivious), know that the 2010 World Cup Draw occurred today. The US got a favorable draw, being placed in Group C, along with England, Algeria, and Slovenia. Barring an outright catastrophe, the US should advance to the knock-out stage. So . . . I guess that's good. (If you're actually interested in some analysis by people who care more about it than I do, click here or here.)

Actually, I'm pretty fuckin' excited. I get entranced by World Cup soccer, and it's nice to know that the US has a competitive team. Some of my best memories of 2002, where staying up all night, every night, for an entire month, watching the games at area bars. Good times.

What's infuriating, is that Mexico, which is full of dirty Mexicans, and France, which is full of unbathed frogs, are in Group A, the weakest of the eight groups. This means that there's a good chance that both teams will advance to the knock-out stage, which sucks because, well, frankly, both teams are on my Most Hated Nation list (#'s 2 and 4, respectively, along with #1 Argentina and #3 Italy) . I want nothing good to happen to either of these teams.

Hate is required to get one through the long slog of a baseball season, but it's an unfortunate feeling to have during the quadrennial soccer tournament. I plan on watching as much of the greatest spectacle in sports as possible, even at the expense of work and kids. And when Mexico plays France on June 16th? Maybe it will end like this:

One can hope, eh?

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spanky said...

Haha wow, that flying face kick was awesome.

You are a giant fruit, and soccer is as gay as the day is long, but I too quite enjoyed drunkenly watching late night World Cup with you back in '02.

Ezra said...

Actual spanky question during the Sweden-Nigeria match in '02:

"So, which team is which color?"