Saturday, February 27

MSM is coming around.

Nice try from Yahoo's Dan Wetzel in which he wonders aloud why figure skating is considered a sport. Huzzah to Dan for finally trying to disabuse people of the notion that the sole criterion for whether or not something is a Sport is that the activity be difficult. Unfortunately, even the esteemed Mr. Wetzel has yet to fully appreciate what it takes for an activity to become a sport.

"A sport requires a quantifiable way to determine a winner and a loser. There can be no debate about the scoring system."
This is much to simplistic and insults Sports everywhere. By Mr. Wetzel's definition, many activities unworthy of the appellation would be included under the Aegis of Sport, including chess, and Supermarket Sweep. This is clownshoes. Both activities require skill (of a sort), neither are Sports. There are specific Rules an activity must abide by to earn the title of Sport (unfortunately, the link is down, so you'll have to take my word for it).

Ezra reiterates what he's said before, it's called the Olympic Games for a reason, as only a handful of competitions rise the the level of Sports. The Winter Olympics have only one Sport. The rest are interesting dog-and-pony shows. However, let us not forget about the women. Oh no, we must remember (to ogle) the women.

Be that as it may, it is refreshing to see that not only is someone paying attention to Ezra (Dan, you read this, right?), they are using their national column to attempt to teach the masses. Baby steps to the mountaintop.

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